Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bizarre and amusing things

Fairly often, I see things in Korea that just make no sense. Part of it is due to the language barrier, part of it is due to the lack of context I have.

Let's see if any of you can make sense out of these things.

What sick game is this?

It's hard to see the details here, but basically, snot bubble boy goes to play frisbee with hos dog, ends up catching the frisbee with his rear, and blasts off with a fart.

This was on the subway.

This, which I find no less confusing, was also on the subway.
Of course, this is Asia. There are plenty of amusing things as well.

Extra extra large Tweety

Air hose station to blow the dirt off your shoes after a hike

You should really try The Water here.

Poo bread

Try this real good Korean delicacy.

Korea has been good to my legs.

These faucets were attached to nothing. It turns out the water is running down (and coming up) a pipe, but it still blows my mind.

Seoul, a boring place you are not.


  1. So many good things. Your legs! I legit like that air hose shoe-dirt removal thing

    1. I know it's been almost two weeks, but it took me that long to recover from the fact that you FINALLY approve of my legs.

  2. I am still laughing about snot bubble boy and his incredibly dextrous butt. Also, the legs picture threw me off. HHHHOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT!!!!

    Tweety looks as big as me. That's something worth stealing and trying to get through customs, for sure.

    What's wrong with real soft cake? What... you wanted fake hard slabs? Come on, Brad. The marketing department struck gold on that one!

    I still don't get the faucets... but maybe it is as cool to you as the Mexico embassy in DC is to me. One can never tell with these things..

    Also, I don't know how I feel about you giving yourself a thumbs-I'm-not-sure... Please look into your personal thoughts and feelings about yourself.

    Thanks for a great update!