Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Chronicles of Cheonggyecheon

Being under the weather prompts different reactions.

Some people stay at home and drink warm chicken broth. I call these people wise.

Some people do a bit of exercise to sweat the gunk out. I call these people awesome.

Some go to work (unless they're uber mccontagious). I call these people driven.

And then...there's me.

After Skyping with my family and watching eleventy billion Jimmy Fallon clips, I decided that I wanted to take a walk through a part of Seoul that I had visited back in 2012: Cheonggyecheon Stream.

Cheonggyecheon begins with a prominent marker:

Please feel free to guess what this is. Most popular guess will give the winner a year's supply of virtual kimchi.
The area is a pretty nice break from Seoul's urban atmosphere.

The walk started off well with me scatting what I know about the stream:

Then, I spotted majestic feathered fauna:

After a while, it was time to bust out the bug guns:

This stream runs for about 8km/5 miles, and I decided to walk all of them. In the cold. While not at peak health.

Don't get me wrong...if my camera hadn't run out of batteries, I would be able to woo you with pictures of bridges, random outdoor equipment, and a golden Cinderella carriage.

That said, I am going to sleep really well tonight, because I am BEAT!

Here ends the chronicle.


  1. A golden Cinderella carriage!! You must get this for me as my new mode of transportation. PS- Feel better!

    1. Gotcha covered: