Saturday, March 8, 2014

RIP, P (Rest In Peace, Pastry)

Minutes ago, a tragic event occurred.

It all started last night. One of my Korean friends, Wonki Lee, contacted me on Skype and wanted to meet up. It was 10:15pm, so I was like, "Cool."

Tangent - I met Wonki in 2010, when I was working for ACYPL. I have met many people and have formed several cherished relationships, but Wonki is among the kindest people that I have met.

Untangent - Wonki drove to my place and picked me up. Since it was getting late and he lived about 30 minutes away, he suggested that I stay the night. I ran up to my room, grabbed what I needed for church, and left with Wonki.

On the way to his home, Wonki decided to stop at a bakery and buy out half the shop. One of the things he bought was a cake. For me. If I can be halfway as giving as this guy, I will have made it. We ate a couple pieces together (after I blew out the tall candle, of course):

Winner of the Happiest Man in the Northern Hemisphere contest: Wonki Lee.

After staying the night, I went with Wonki's brother, James, to the LDS church nearby. I put the cake in the fridge for the block, retrieved it at the end, and took it on the subway for a 40 minute ride back home. The cake box even had two handles for convenience...but as I was going up my apartment stairs, another "convenient" feature of the box made itself very apparent.

The side hatch.

You see, as I was going upstairs, I held the box in such a way that the cake slid out and fell top down onto the stairs.

The scene of the crime. The second step was covered in whipped cream and fruit.
 All I could do was laugh, shake my head, and clean up the mess.

The remains...the surviving cake on the left, and the recently deceased whipped cream, fruit, and napkins in the box on the right.


  1. I'm very sorry for you and your fallen cake Brad, but isn't it so nice to have ACYPL connections around the world?! I always meet up with Udi and his awesome friends from Election Study when I go to Tel Aviv. So glad you're enjoying yourself over there!!

  2. It definitely made the cake that I was able to eat all the more sweet. Four years later, there I am, eating cake in this former delegate's apartment. Glad that you are able to keep in touch with your former delegates as well...ACYPL was awesome for that reason.