Monday, February 10, 2014

New blogventure

Oh hey world.

I hope you are well as you are reading this post. I, for one, am doing great. Currently, I am visiting my family in Utah (USA) before undertaking what, for me, is a dream I've had for almost two years abroad. In less than a week, I'll be traveling to South Korea to teach English at Sahmyook Language Academy!

Flag of South Korea, courtesy of
The intent is to provide updates of the adventure as time goes on. I figure that a big life shift such as this is blog-worthy, even though this is my fourth attempt at blogging...wherps.

In addition to giving updates of the adventure, I'll probably touch on other things, including and not limited to:

  • What I did to prepare for this new step.
  • Why I wanted to do this.
  • The (what will surely be at times) emotional roller coaster.
  • Things to know about moving / living abroad.
I'd like to make this blog interesting to readers, so if there's a question you have about life abroad, feel free to ask! Also, if you have a perspective to offer on any post, by all means, share away.

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, but before I close, I'll share a bit about the title of the blog and the blog URL:
  • Title: Bibimbap is a tasty Korean dish that includes rice, vegetables, chili paste, meat, and an egg. Bulgogi is thinly sliced meat (usually beef) that I've seen a lot in my limited Korean cuisine ventures. If I have to explain why Brad is in the title, then you've accidentally stumbled onto this blog and probably meant to go here instead.
  • URL: Meehan is...if you're wondering, you probably wanted to go here rather than this blog. No worries. Hanguk is the term South Koreans use to refer to their country. If you'd like more info, or are tired of looking at Instagram pics of cats, here's a long Wiki article that delves more into the term Hanguk.
Once again, please let me know if you have any specific questions about my impressions of Korea, living abroad, what it's like to eat kimchi 13 times a day, or anything else*, and I'll do my best to answer them.

Alright, I'm out for now.

*Don't take anything else too literally. If you have a question about where Chuck Norris came from, for example, I'll likely redirect you to a parent or other trusted adult.


  1. Excited to follow along! Best of luck, B-rad! :)

  2. what you did to prepare for korea?? watched the bachelor, week 4. duh.

    1. Kelli, I just watched "The Bachelor Juan Pablo Best Moments in Korea"...I want those 3 minutes and 17 seconds back.

  3. Yay! So excited for you! Look at you - making all your dreams come true :)