Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Disneyland Schmisneyland

A few hours ago, I was riding my bike, not really heading anywhere in particular. I had been riding for a while, it was starting to get dark, and I started thinking that I ought to head to the subway to go back home (I wasn't about to return the way I came, but that's a different tale for a different time). As I'm making my way to a subway station, I find a sign leading to an attraction. In Korea, you can always tell if an attraction is close by because the road sign will be brown, much like this:

The sign I saw was not for Namsan Park, but for a place called Haewoojae. I'd never heard of this place before, but I figured, what the heck. No better time to carpe the diem then now.

A mere 300 meters away, tucked in a quiet part of town (Suwon, specifically, because I know you'll all be asking me after reading this), I found it. I was expecting a temple, a tomb, a pagoda, something like that. That's not what I got.

Ladies and gentlemen, I found "Mr. Toilet House."

Yes. You have questions. One at a time.

Q: Is that what Haewoojae means?

A: Almost. The meaning is "a house it relieves people of all worries," as indicated below. There's more...the house was built by a man nicknamed "Mr. Toilet" in 2007. Well, more specifically, Mr. Toilet "rebuilt his 30-year-old home into the shape of a toilet."

Q: W-...why...?

A: As stated on the board, "to commemorate the World Toilet Association and spread awareness of the importance of toilets throughout the world."

Q: Wait. Did you take a picture of the toilet house?

A: Yes I did, and how I wish it turned out better. But there it is. A toilet bowl-shaped building, with the flags of different countries lining the seat.

Q: Who is this Mr. Toilet?

A: Mr. Sim Jae-duck.

Q: Gosh, he looks like you. (Not an actual question...I know.)

A: You think so? (In a strange twist of events, the answer is a question.)

Q: Pictures, please?

A: Sure thing.

Please be aware, there are more where these come from. I just...I have this feeling that posting all the photos I took from this wonderland may some day, I dunno, bite me in the hindquarters. Let me know if you want more insanity, and I'll send more photos your way.

Potty plants

Potty plant part deux

Q: Anything for the kids?

A: An entire section, buddy.

Yes, your children can climb those stairs and enter the bowl.
Q: I'm worried that my kids may get overstimulated with all of this. Can my kids sit down and watch a cartoon?

A: Good news.

And this place isn't just about poo.

"Everyone farts. Every living one farts.
Everyone farts differently everyday."

The ten-year-old version of me had a heyday here. Ah, what the heck; the modern-day version of me had a field day here.

Moral of the story: Seize the day. You just may find a toilet theme park.

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