Sunday, April 26, 2015


So cat cafes are pretty common in Korea and other parts of East Asia. Heck, it looks like the US of A is jumping on the kitty-wagon.

But did you know that Seoul also has a dog cafe? It's true! The layout is similar to that of a cat cafe (minus the cats). You pay a fee, get something to drink, and meet the locals.

Location: Hapjeong in Seoul

"Lady, we do what we want."


The big ol' malamute and me.

"When are you people leaving?"

Lani joins the fun.


This Irish Setter was just a good old dog. He plopped down beside me and we spent time swapping life stories, and then he complimented me on my choice of socks.

It sounds like Seoul has a plethora of animal cafes, and not just for dogs and cats...I've heard about a sheep cafe and even a raccoon cafe. Maybe one day someone will open a rat cafe, though I don't imagine that going over well...

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