Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Philippines - Chapter Six - New Year's Day...It Happened

New Year's Day. We wake some point.

The details are foggy, but the day involves a stop at a nice cafe on the ridge of the mountains.

Soup. I don't remember this.

We go to Subic to relax and eat...wait for it...

...Korean food.

It's time to wash it all down with an ube (taro cream) doughnut.

These lines on the photo. Yes. Weird. Oh well, the doughnut was good.
We drive back to Hermosa and have a nice chat about life, expectations, and so forth. When we return to the farm house, Aris pulls out this beauty...

It's a photo book about the trip Aris and others (including Abel) took to the US in 2010, when I met these guys! I was floored. I start writing notes in the book about who the group met with, only to discover that I was using a smudgy dry erase marker...

It was all soon to be chapter 7.