Sunday, May 18, 2014

Teacher's Day and the Cascade that Almost Wasn't

Last Thursday, I experienced a phenomenon known as Teacher's Day. On this holiday, students bring gifts for their teachers.

I wasn't aware of this holiday, so it came as a surprise to me when my students brought me these:

Two boxes of chocolate, two carnations, and a peppermint bark bar
These chocolates are crazy.

It was very kind. I felt undeserving of the gifts but devoured them nonetheless.

Also on Thursday, I went with my coworkers to a place called Yongmasan to see an artificial waterfall. Yongma Falls is said to be the tallest artificial waterfall in Asia. Well, it turns out that it's also only open for business during certain hours...otherwise the mountain is completely dry. We happened to come by when the falls were off. Not to worry, we managed to get jumped by these children:

We went the following day, and behold, the waterfall was on. I can't say it blew me away, but it was worth the visit.